About Timpanogos Supports

Timpanogos Supports was started in 2013. The owner, Amber Foster, previously co-owned another support coordination agency, and then branched off to run her own. Amber has provided oversight in the support coordination businesse since 2009, and has provided support coordination services for 6 years. Amber also comes with 12 years experience in the social work field. Amber understands the importance of a strong foundation in a business and has implemented that into her own business structure.

Timpanogos Supports believes in a collaberative team approach as we work with families and individuals. Our focus is on providing them with quality supports and services, as well as linking them with natural resources. Timpanogos Supports also believes in the value and importance of volunteer work and will be found in the community participating in a variety of events.

Timpanogos Supports runs a person centered casemanagement plan across the state of Utah. We are contracted with the State of Utah to provide private support coordination to those who have been funded by the Division of Services for People with Disabilities.


Amber Foster, SSW, QIDP
  • Amber Foster, SSW, QIDP

  • Owner, Support Coodinator, SSW
  • Amber Foster is an outgoing person with a great love for life. She is the Owner as well as support coordinator at Timpanogos Supports. She has a Bachelors degree in Psychology, a S... [read more]
Chelsea Stoker, QIDP
  • Chelsea Stoker, QIDP

  • Chelsea graduated from Utah Valley University with her Bachelors in Behavioral Science with an emphasis in Social Work.  She has been working as a Support Coordinator since 2011, a... [read more]
Wendy Ewell, QIDP
  • Wendy Ewell, QIDP

  • Wendy has a Bachelors Degree in Human Services and Management, and has worked within the education system for years with teachers and children in the special education department. ... [read more]
Melanie Lafeen, QIDP
  • Melanie Lafeen, QIDP

  • Melanie is a support coordinator with Timpanogos Supports and is committed to providing the highest level of personal service to strengthen families and individuals. She recently s... [read more]
Vicki Vandenberghe, QIDP
  • Vicki Vandenberghe, QIDP

  • Vicki graduated from the University of Utah with her Bachelor of Social Work Degree. She did an internship at the Division of Services for People with Disabiltiies prior to graduat... [read more]
Laura Anderson, QIDP
  • Laura Anderson, QIDP

  • Laura Anderson is a fun-loving person who enjoys getting to know others around her.  She has spent the bulk of the last decade volunteering in her community, primarily working with... [read more]
Tiffany Villalta
  • Tiffany Villalta

  • Tiffany has a Bachelors degree in Human Services. She chose this field of work because she loves helping and advocating for people to better their lives.  Tiffany has not only work... [read more]
Taylor Allred, Service Broker
Shannon Tolman, QIDP
  • Shannon Tolman, QIDP

  • Shannon graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in Interpersonal Communication and has spent many years working for Granite School District. She has worked for the Spec... [read more]
Brandy Dean, EPAS Coordinator